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The homeowners association is managed by an elected board of directors.  Boards must have a minimum of three members, but could have five, seven, nine, etc. officers.  Officers are elected by the property owners at the annual meeting or shortly thereafter by a proxy vote.  Every property owner should consider it their responsibility to serve as a board member at least once as a homeowner in the HOA.  Understanding how the HOA functions and the responsibility of board duties as outlined in the governing documents can help each owner have the best experience with the HOA.  Attached is a list of some of the responsibilities the board takes care of on an annual basis.  List of board responsibilities    There is a lot to do and we need everyone's cooperation to have a successful community.  If you would like to serve your community, please let us know shortly before each annual meeting so your name can be included on the election ballot.


Would you consider serving as a committee member?  Please see the attached list of committees the community may need help with.  Committee List 

Please note, a full committee is a minimum of two homeowners and a board member.  If homeowners do not volunteer the elected Board of Directors perform the services outlined for the community or the committee is inactive. There is lots to do in the community and we would love to have your help.


The HOA contracts with a management company to perform a variety of services.  As a subcontractor for the HOA, AAM works with the Board of Directors to accomplish goals set by the Board and community.  AAM acts as the management consultant agent for the community and we perform services outlined in the CC&R's.  The staff at AAM are here to help you, but please treat the staff with respect.